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Deploying robots to perform those deadly, dull, and dirty, but essential, tasks

About Our Robotics

Optimizing Performance for Maximum Efficiency and Yield

Integrating Robotic Applications is the process of programming robots to perform those deadly, dull and dirty, but essential, tasks. These critical tasks are typically carried out by a company’s most valuable resource, its people. By integrating robotic systems and applications, companies can elevate their employees to a more fulfilling purpose.

Industrial robots utilize enhanced safety features applying industry standard safety devices, such as area scanners, light curtains, and safety mats, to minimize the need for guarding.

With an integrated robotics system, a company can automate areas requiring improvement, yielding faster and more efficient production processes. This creates an optimal ROI in both labor and raw material costs. 

PennAir’s automation team of collaborative engineers and product specialists design and implement systems to help you reduce energy consumption, minimize material costs, save time, and improve quality, accuracy, and precision. 

We offer the following selection of Robots:

  • Articulating 4-Axis
  • Cartesian: XZ and XYZ
  • Collaborative 7-Axis 
  • Collaborative Dual 7-Axis
  • Delta
  • External Axis
  • Industrial
  • Scara

PennAir & ABB Robotics

Product Highlight:

The IRB 2600 is a compact robot with a high payload capacity. The design has been optimized for targeted applications like arc welding, material handling and machine tending. The IRB 2600 is available in three variants, with options for floor, wall, shelf, tilted or inverted mounting configurations.

Product Highlights

  • Sharp Accuracy
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Large Working Range
  • Compact Design
  • Best Protection Available 

PennAir & SCHUNK Grippers

SCHUNK grippers are known for their precision, longevity, and robustness. They are synonymous with process stability and efficiency in assembly and handling. With more than 4,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the world’s most comprehensive range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric grippers in stock. 

PennAir Aluminum Extrusion

Automation often goes hand-in-hand with Aluminum Extrusion solutions for Machine Guarding and Framing. From planning and design to fabrication and installation, our team of engineering specialists can help create a customized 80/20 solution designed to meet your exact extrusion requirements.

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