Data & Process visualization

Graphical representations of the equipment, operations, and conditions in your plant

Visibility & Quick Access into System Performance

Recent advancements in technology have added complexity to the manufacturing world, forcing companies to look at their manufacturing processes to locate and minimize bottlenecks, inefficiencies and communication disconnects.

By adding visualization systems, data is readily available giving valuable and timely insight into system performance. This leads to improved production efficiency, better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), enhanced quality management, and increased profitability.

PennAir Automation offers a variety of manufacturing intelligence and visualization services, including:

  • Automated report generation
  • Rules-based or scheduled report delivery through email and text message
  • Interactive and customizable dashboards
  • Mobile access and mobile optimization
  • Integration to Factory Floor Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other control systems
Hand-in-hand with visualization are Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).  HMI is a user interface or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device. 
HMIs communicate with PLCs and input/output sensors to gather and display information for users to view. HMI screens can be used for a single function, like monitoring and tracking, or for performing more sophisticated operations, like switching machines off, or increasing production speed, depending on how they are implemented.
HMIs are used to optimize an industrial process by digitizing and centralizing data. By leveraging HMI, operators can see important information displayed in graphs, charts, or digital dashboards, view and manage alarms, and connect with various systems, all through one console. 
Identifying patterns, comparing datasets, and tracking developments become infinitely easier with visualization and HMIs. By knowledge sharing and connectivity, the information is more easily accessible. Our experienced engineers are able to develop visualization applications for your existing reporting structure, or help you to design a new data collection and reporting solution that best fits your project needs. 

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